Marriage Astrology

Marriage Astrology report is a very comprehensive report that captures details about your married life from your birth chart. You birth chart hold vital clues to your married life, your spouse and how your life would be after marriage. Vedic Astrology doesn’t stop at predicting these aspects only but goes a step further in providing practical remedies to better your marital relationship and help remove any obstructions caused by any malefic / harmful yoga (planetary combinations).

If you are not yet married, it will tell you things like when you will get married, to what kind of person, etc.

In case of delayed marriage, the report will also feature ways to overcome the delay using easy astrological remedies.

For those who are already married, it will describe the strong and weak links in your marriage and how your married life will be like in future. In case there are troubles seen in marriage, it will provide astrological advice and remedies for a happy married life.

Astrology in marriage aspects will cover the following things for you:
  • Spot strong & weak links in marriage – for the married and the yet to be married.
  • Description of your life partner.
  • How and where you will find your spouse.
  • Astrological remedies and solutions in case of delays in marriage or if experiencing a troubled married  life.
  • Emotional, physical and intellectual compatibility with your spouse.
  • Predictions related to children after marriage.
  • Overall luck, financial status, happiness and prosperity as a couple.
  • Areas of growth and challenges in marriage.
  • Chances of divorce and second marriage in life.

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